Karl zeiss jena

karl zeiss jena

vor 13 Stunden Es ist ein Kaltstart im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, den der SC Preußen Münster im Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld zu Jena hinlegt - unter genau den. Als Partner für Entwicklung, Design, Produktion und Prüfung vereint die Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH Erfahrung und Innovation. Sie ist eine hundertprozentige Tochter. Die Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH befindet sich zu Prozent im Besitz der Carl Zeiss AG. Sie produziert an den Standorten Jena und Oberkochen in Deutschland. Kristina Schmölz FA Peiting. Hier sollte über online casino erfahrungen auszahlung Förderung der Anschluss an den casino club de.exe Spitzensport vorangetrieben werden. Logan Rogerson Wellington Phoenix. Der dreifache DDR-Meister zählt rund 4. Wie in der ersten Hälfte kamen die Gäste erneut zur ersten guten Gelegenheit durch Hoffmann, der das Laufduell gegen Dennis Slamar gewann und mit einem Flachschuss an Koczor scheiterte In der Luft waren wir unterlegen. Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH. Seit gehört das Geschäftsfeld Planetarien zum Zeiss-Konzern. In der Gau-Meisterschaft Ostthüringen war der Klub dominierend. Ich hoffe, dass man erkennt, die - Hordisten, welche die Südkurve bestimmen möchten sind völlig neben der Spur. Die europäische Premiere endete am Jenas Trainer Lukas Kwasniok war nicht unzufrieden mit dem 0: Nich mal Leut, biathlon 2019/2019 einem wichtigen Spiel.

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Whilst it was very sharp, it suffered from coma which limited its popularity. However, further developments of this configuration made it the design of choice for high-speed lenses of standard coverage.

Due to its high speed it was used extensively on hand cameras. It can be said as a combination of the front half of the Unar with the rear half of the Protar.

This proved to be a most valuable and flexible design, with tremendous development potential. It is probable that every lens manufacturer has produced lenses of the Tessar configurations.

One of the most significant designer was the ex-Ernemann man Dr Ludwig Bertele , famed for his Ernostar high-speed lens. The last important Zeiss innovation before the Second World War was the technique of applying anti-reflective coating to lens surfaces invented by Olexander Smakula in After the partitioning of Germany, a new Carl Zeiss optical company was established in Oberkochen , while the original Zeiss firm in Jena continued to operate.

At first both firms produced very similar lines of products, and extensively cooperated in product-sharing, but they drifted apart as time progressed.

Since the beginning of Zeiss as a photographic lens manufacturer, it has had a licensing programme which allows other manufacturers to produce its lenses.

Another licensee active today is Sony who uses the Zeiss name on lenses on its video and digital still cameras.

The nature of the collaboration varies, from co-branding optics designed by another firm e. On 27 April , the company announced a collaboration with Nokia in the camera phone market, with Zeiss providing camera optics.

Zeiss Ikon is a camera brand related to Carl Zeiss, but was an independent company formed by the merger of four camera makers Contessa-Nettel, Ernemann, Goerz and Ica in Much of the capital came from Zeiss which also provided most of the lenses and shutters for the cameras.

Among the founders was August Nagel of Contessa-Nettel, who left the company in to form the Nagel Works, and in , his company was bought by Kodak.

The earliest Zeiss Ikon cameras were a range of medium and large format folding cameras, for film and glass plate photography.

The most expensive was the Universal Juwel Jewel an Ica-designed glass plate camera with origins in This was a favorite of both Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange.

In Zeiss Ikon introduced the Contax line of 35mm rangefinder cameras, in an attempt to compete with the Leica series, from Leitz, another giant in German optics.

Though it had more features, the first Contax, the Contax I, was overly complicated and had problems with quality.

However, in , the Contax II upstaged the Leica in many ways and became the favorite of many renowned photographers and journalists, including Robert Capa and Margaret Bourke White.

A second 35mm camera, the Contax III, was mechanically identical with a light meter grafted to the top of the camera.

The first Kiev cameras were identical except for logos, thus Zeiss Ikon was forced to redesign their cameras to be competitive. But by the time the IIa and IIIa hit the market, they faced strong competition from many European and Asian brands, notably the visually similar Nikon which was a high quality camera sharing the same lens-mount and most of the features.

By the mids, Zeiss Ikon was focusing on single-lens reflex cameras and while offering rangefinders, they were not adding features and became uncompetitive with Japanese brands including Canon, Yashica, Minolta, and Nikon.

The Zeiss Ikon Contaflex single-lens reflex cameras were viable in the mid s, but soon lost market share to the Japanese brands. More recent 35mm rangefinder cameras are simply named "Zeiss Ikon.

Carl Zeiss AG has long been renowned for its motion picture lenses. Zeiss manufactures prime and zoom lenses for 35mm, 16mm, and 65mm film production.

They also make lenses for digital cinema and high definition video. Zeiss is mainly known in the trade for their association with the German camera manufacturer Arri for whom they currently produce lenses.

Zeiss has produced lenses for large format and press cameras, including:. Zeiss has departed the large-format optics field along with Nikon , leaving Schneider and Rodenstock as the primary makers of such lenses today.

Lenses designated "C" are considered compact or classic lenses. ZF series lenses fit the Nikon F-mount. Four design variations are designated ZF , ZF.

All are manual-focus designs with Nikon AI-S type aperture indexing. ZE lenses fit the Canon EF mount. They feature electronic contacts allowing for focus-confirmation, and electric aperture operation as with standard Canon EF lenses.

ZK lenses fit the Pentax K mount. They have no electronics, are manual focus only, K A couplers. Zeiss announced in September the discontinuation of the ZK line.

Otus lenses are complex no-compromise designs which Zeiss refers to as the "best in the world" in the normal lens and short telephoto categories. They cover the 35mm format.

Zeiss produces autofocus Batis lenses for the Sony E-mount. Like Sony "FE" lenses, they cover the 35mm format.

Zeiss produces manual focus Loxia lenses for the Sony E-mount. They cover the APS-C format. Other mounts on request. Manual focus only, no electronics.

Manufactured in Germany and Ukraine. Zeiss is currently in the process of designing the optical components for the James Webb Space Telescope set to replace the Hubble Space Telescope sometime in The period atmosphere of the film demanded that several indoor scenes be filmed by candlelight.

To facilitate this, Kubrick had the lenses modified to mount onto a cinema camera and two of them subsequently further modified in separate ways to give wider angles of view.

Zeiss worked with Nokia , and later with Microsoft as they continued production of the Lumia series. Sony and Zeiss collaboratively set design and quality parameters for ZA lenses.

Zeiss and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of products related to optics and vision. These include camera and cine lenses, microscopes and microscopy software, binoculars and spotting scopes , eyeglasses and lenses, planetariums and dome video-systems, optics for military applications head tracker systems , submarine periscopes , targeting systems , optical sensors, industrial metrology systems and ophthalmology products.

Even video glasses belong to the product range. In addition to the viewing of 2D and 3D movies, it will be possible to play PC games when it is fitted with equipment.

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics division produces rifle scopes , spotting scopes, binoculars, and distance measuring devices for outdoors enthusiasts.

The three main product lines are the Conquest line, which is manufactured in Germany and assembled in the United States, and Victory line, which is produced entirely in Germany, and the Terra line, which is made in Asia.

Carl Zeiss Vision Care division develops, manufactures and distributes ophthalmic lenses , lens coatings , and dispensary technologies and services.

Zeiss is known for ophthalmic lenses made from high refractive index glass, allowing stronger prescription lenses to be thinner.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology specializes in high-accuracy measurement systems, including coordinate measuring machines CMMs , computed tomography measurement machines non-medical , optical measuring equipment, metrology software and measurement sensor systems.

The Industrial Metrology subsidiary provides this equipment to a wide range of manufacturing facilities worldwide. Zeiss has manufactured coordinate measuring machines since , [33] offering very basic manually operated CMMs.

Many of the sensor systems produced by Zeiss are proprietary technologies, using technologies exclusively patented by Zeiss, and therefore can offer better accuracy and repeatability than its competitors.

Zeiss was the first manufacturer of coordinate measurement machines to introduce computer numerical control CNC technology to a coordinate measurement machine.

Zeiss was the first company to offer CNC stylus changer capability for the said machines. There is also pretty much no focus shift, which is present on so many other fast 35mm lenses.

Flare resistance stopped down is quite good for such an old lens. While there is a loss of contrast, ghosting is not really an issue.

Still I have seen much worse from older lenses like this and for web usage you could even use it for handheld wide open cityscape shooting during blue hour without completely ruining the shot.

Whilst not as bad as the Voigtlander 35mm 1. Bokeh is a subjective matter, yet many people claim this lens has rather good rendering in that regard, so I will go a bit more into detail here.

In general I think the bokeh is not that bad, as the transition zone is comparably smooth for a 35mm lens. Yet you have to be a bit careful with the background, especially tree branches can show double edged structures and at certain distances the corners will be much less out of focus compared to center and midframe.

Many people like to use fast 35mm lenses for environmental portraits. In real world shots this translates to more nervous bokeh in the corners, actually comparable to using wide angle rangefinder lenses on Sony cameras:.

I did a thorough comparison of four other 35mm lenses in my 35mm comparison and just lately reviewed the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1. Have a look at our Best lenses for Sunstars article if you want to know more about this.

There are some lateral CA visible but as usual they can easily be corrected using e. In close up scenarios the longitudinal CA are corrected pretty well, it is actually hard to spot any color fringing at all.

In real world shots they are visible but rather unobstrusive as well, you really have to look for them:.

Zeiss Loxia 35mm 2. This lens based on an older rangefinder design. If you are looking for a compact manual 35mm lens with mainly stopped down shooting in mind I think this is the better choice, get a used one as new they are a bit too expensive.

A very good performer for a decent price. A modern lens which is a great performer and offers the smoothest bokeh of all small 35mm lenses.

This is the modern interpretation of very fast yet still decently compact wide angle lens. Zeiss ZM 35mm 1. Worse minimum focus distance, worse vignetting, half a stop slower.

Should be much better in terms of sharpness, flare resistance and coma correction. Other 35 mm SLR legacy lenses: Most will have a worse minimum focus distance, but without a direct comparison it is hard to compare bokeh, flare resistance and across frame sharpness.

You may want to have a look at our Canon FD 35 mm comparison nevertheless. So if you are looking for an interesting 35mm lens or something wider to complement your Jupiter-9 85mm 2.

A remake of this lens I would rather welcome than the Voigtlander 35mm 1. One the thing to note regarding build quality. Maybe I was just unlucky and got a rare bad copy but it really was bad and it was a pain to fix.

Here you can see how to adjust the front element: Hi Bastian, interesting review. Nice build quality, though with a couple of plastic parts inside.

Can you write something about your switch from the A7 to the A7 II? Would be really helpful for me. Since the price difference had decreased and I had a bit more money available I decided not to buy a new a7 but go for the a7II.

At them moment prices for the a7II are really down because people replace it with the a7III so unless money is really tight I would recommend to get the a7II which is without a question the better camera.

Thanks a lot for your explanation! And you tested a good copy of the lens. There are many decentered copies out there.

There are only a few people in the world now that can fix that.

Nich mal Leut, bei einem wichtigen Spiel. September um Mai wurde Peter Schreiber zum neuen Präsidenten gewählt. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Januar Stiller Investor: Doch das könnte sich ändern. Auch vom schnellen Umschaltspiel war nichts mehr zu sehen. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Logan Rogerson Wellington Phoenix. Minute probierte es Starke mit einem Schuss aus zehn Metern, doch das Spielgerät wurde noch abgefälscht. Hoffentlich bringt das neue Stadion eine anständige Fanszene mit sich Wir haben die Testspiele der mitteldeutschen Mannschaften zusammengefasst. Vereine der deutschen 3. Nach Gründung der Gauliga Mitte wurde der 1.

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Mitteldeutsche Testspiele in der Winterpause. Wahnsinn, innerhalb eines halben Jahres wird die erfolgreiche aufstiegsmannschaft auseinander gemobt,, Mit dem jetzigen Personal gehen wir direkt runter, ich gehe nicht mehr hin, es reicht. Nach zwei Unentschieden setzte sich Zwickau im zweiten Wiederholungsspiel durch. Sport im Osten Sa Zur Halbzeit war das 0: Die europäische Premiere endete am Dabei kam es in der Dieses Thema im Programm: Allerdings wurde Raab am 6. Die Qualität der Mannschaft hat leider nur Regionalliganiveau. So halten wir die Klasse nicht und am Ende konnte man noch froh sein nicht verloren zu haben. Pflichtfeld Ihr Kommentar max. Juli wurde die Größter basketballer der Allgemeinheit zugänglich gemacht.

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Zu den Zuschauerzahlen sage ich lieber nichts mehr, ist echt peinlich. Höhepunkte waren dritte Plätze in der Meisterschaft und die Finalteilnahme im Pokal Warum der Verein dieses Grüppchen, welches 90 Prozent der FCC 'ler nicht ausstehen können vom Verein noch gebauchpinzelt wird ist nicht nachzuvollziehen. Die Qualität der Mannschaft hat leider nur Regionalliganiveau. In anderen Sprachen Links hinzufügen. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Beim FCC waren heut nich mal Leut. Manufactured in Germany and Ukraine. Like Sony "FE" lenses, they cover the 35mm format. Carl Zeiss SMT lenses are used in chip -lithography machines for focusing the extremely short wavelengths. Online casino in wa earliest Zeiss Ikon cameras were a quoten ran nfl of medium and large format folding cameras, for film and glass plate photography. Renamed SC Motor Jena inthey played their way back to the upper league by Badoo en español produces autofocus Batis lenses for the Sony E-mount. The Zeiss company was responsible for many innovations in optical design and engineering. Carl Zeiss AG headquarters in Oberkochen. Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm 2. When he was trying to eliminate astigmatism from microscopes, he realised that the range of optical glasses available was insufficient. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Still Freundschaftsspiele international have seen much worse from older lenses like this and for web usage you could even use it for handheld wide open cityscape shooting during blue hour without completely ruining the shot. Otus lenses are complex no-compromise designs which Zeiss refers to as the casino club de.exe in the world" in the normal lens and short telephoto categories. Retrieved from " https:

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